In traditional medicine, the doctrine of signatures is followed. This means that different herbs and foods are classified for their healing properties according to their colour and shape. For example, yellow plants, such as dandelion, are known for their liver healing properties. This principle can also be used in our daily diet. I learnt from my mother, as a child, that a meal should always contain a variety of colour; this is a part of a balance diet. If we eat a diet which is lacking in some colour, such as green vegetables, then our diet will be out of balance and health problems relating to that colour will occur.

It is well known that different colours have different effects on us. Red and yellow are warming and stimulating. Turquoise, blue and violet are cooling and sedating. Green maintains balance and harmony. Our food can have a similar effect.

Each colour has its own energy vibration and will vibrate with different parts of the body. The colours represented by the chakras also represent the part of the body most affected by that particular colour. So each organ has its own colour that it relates to. When the colour is provided through the diet, it will energize the corresponding chakra, or energy centre, and provide positive vibration through the body's organs and glands in that area.

A rainbow diet will provide you with all the nutrients and vitamins you require. The nutrients provided in a food will relate to the requirements of the chakra the colour corresponds to. Each food will energize, cleanse and heal its corresponding chakra. The outer cover of the food usually represents the colour vibration it radiates to and the action it will have on us. Some foods have more than one colour vibration, for example a pink grapefruit radiates to both yellow energy from the skin and pink from the flesh. A Haas avocado radiates to both indigo and green.

It is best to include foods of all colours in our diet, but when our system is out of balance, we can concentrate more on certain colour foods. This will help to harmonize the body and bring it back to equilibrium.

Red foods help us to have plenty of energy and meet life's challenges. The assimilation of food and removal of toxins is enhanced. Red helps us to get in touch with our basic life-force energy and keeps us motivate and able to achieve our life's goals. It gives us courage, strength and a feeling of confidence. Depression can be lessened with extra red plant foods. As red is our base, it can help us to be more grounded. Red stimulates the adrenal glands giving us the ability to survive. Red is excellent for those suffering from anaemia, blood disorders or who are always cold. If you are run-down or extremely tired, re foods can be stimulating and energizing. Red fruits and vegetables can regenerate depleted energy, build up the immune system and help to clean out the retained toxins and bad vibrations.

Orange and Yellow supply us with plenty of energy and an alert mind. They enhance our immune system, also improving blood circulation and digestion. They are warming colours that radiate joy. They help to remove blocked emotions and enables us to express ourselves more, allowing us to enjoy stronger relationships. Orange is also linked to our sexuality and our sex organs. Oranges and yellows encourage us to be more sociable, outgoing, and optimistic. They are a creative colour as they open up our minds to new things. Orange is a great tonic for both the physical and mental aspects of our lives, giving boosts to spleen and digestive and sexual organs. Anti-oxidants are high in orange foods; these help in destroying toxic cells and in the repair of some cellular damage.

Turquoise, blue and violet are cooling and sedating; Green maintains balance and harmony. Ironically, our foods' colors have similar cellular effects from the inside as colors do from the outside on us. Color your diet and enjoy a more vibrant life today.