Saturday, June 7, 2008

The BEST organic care for your face..I LOVE IT!!!

Let me start with sharing that I am a research HOUND!!!
That being said, let me preface the below product review with this: There are other very high quality natural and organic products that I have selectively chosen to allow to be advertised on The Health and Wealth Vault. These products are also of an organic, pure, natural approach to skin care science. They too, have all the earmarks of exceptional pure skin care lines, I just haven't had the pleasure of trying those lines or products...yet.:) So, in fairness to you, and to those equally wonderful products I haven't yet been able to try, I just wanted to clarify this.
That being said...I want to tell you about my 'recommendation' for the week! A product I have tried. I'm in love with it, and so is my mother now. (Hi Mom :). So, if your looking for that ULTIMATE skin care line, you can read my review in the next post below.

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